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After months of hard work and an infinite number of  import pandas as pd, you finally have acquired the skills to get started in this field. But the next big question is – which company to apply to? The number of analytics and AI startups and companies have grown exponentially. In addition, there are so many things you can do in analytics and data science – Marketing analytics, Supply chain, Finance, so on and so forth.


We have prepared a concise summary of companies you can apply to for your first stint in Data Science. Hope you find it helpful!


Website – https://www.sigmoid.com/

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Glassdoor rating – 4.3/5


Sigmoid is an analytics company providing services in Strategy development, Data Consulting and implementation, Predictive Analytics and Data Engineering. Founded in 2013 by IIT Kharagpur alumni Mayur Rustagi, Rahul Kumar Singh and Lokesh Anand, Sigmoid provides analytics solutions across multiple domains like Marketing, Retail, Advertising and Gaming. Essentially, they aspire to be the best Big Data company. They provide a platform for real-time data processing on top of Apache Spark. Company’s employee strength is estimated to be 80-100. Right from the beginning, Sigmoid has been a global company with offices in San Francisco and Bengaluru.


Fractal Analytics


Website – https://fractalanalytics.com/


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Glassdoor rating – 3.8/5


Fractal Analytics was founded in the year 2000 by Srikanth Velamakanni, Pranay Agrawal, Nirmal Palaparthi, Pradeep Suryanarayan and Ramakrishna Reddy in the US. In 2015 they opened an office in Bengaluru. They are now one of the largest analytics service provider in India. It mainly focuses on AI and Machine Learning based solutions. Cuddle.ai an AI-powered voice-enabled platform for business analysis that helps users analyze data seamlessly, is incubated by Fractal. Another startup funded by Fractal called qure.ai aims at making healthcare faster and more affordable. Using deep learning, it helps the doctor diagnose disease from radiology and pathology imaging.




Website – https://www.latentview.com/

latent view

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Glassdoor rating – 3.7

LatentView is a global analytics firm founded in the year 2006. It provides solutions using Machine Learning across areas like Marketing Analytics, Business Analytics, Risk and Compliance analytics and Supply Chain Analytics. They work for many high profile clients like PayPal, Microsoft, Pepsico, Expedia and in total more than two dozens of Fortune 500 companies. They have been listed in Gartner’s market guide for advanced analytics and service provider for the year 2017 and have been recognized as the ‘Company of the year’ by Frost and Sullivan in the year 2015 and 2017.


ZS Associates


Website – https://www.zs.com/services

ZS associates

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Glassdoor rating – 3.7

ZS Associates is quite an old firm, founded in 1983, headquartered in the United States. It provides solutions to its clients in areas like business planning, marketing, strategy, transformation and many others across industries like Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Travel, Media, etc. Recently, ZS Associates opened its third India office and 23rd global office in Bangalore.

“Our plan to inaugurate a new office in Bangalore is about strengthening our capabilities in big data and artificial intelligence in India and beyond. This will continue to deepen our partnership with clients around the globe in helping them navigate their digital transformation journey.”, Sanjay Joshi, ZS’s managing principal for Asia region.




Website – https://www.lymbyc.com/


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Glassdoor Ratings – 3.5

Founded in the year 2012 Lymbyc (previously known as Ma Foi Analytics) is a predictive analytics solutions provider, has developed a first of its kind virtual analyst platform which helps other companies with data analysis and assists with useful business insights. The virtual analyst product named ‘Lymbyc’ is driven by an adaptive machine learning engine which crunches data and processes insights quickly. It is currently headquartered in Bengaluru and has an employee strength of 51-200 employees.




Website – http://www.cropin.com/about/


Glassdoor rating – 3.5

CropIn technology, founded in the year 2010, aims at developing smart solutions for agribusinesses. Its vision is to maximize value per hectare and make every farm traceable. It uses IoT, remote sensing, AI and machine learning to enable its clients to analyze and interpret data to derive insights and plan their crop production. It has digitized over 3.1 million acres of farm till date.

Product portfolio –

CropIn’s product suite enables data-driven farming by connecting all the stakeholders in the Ag-ecosystem. The product portfolio includes

1. SmartRisk: A predictive and prescriptive business intelligence solution that leverages agri-alternate data for effective credit risk assessment and loan recovery assistance

2. SmartFarm: An award-winning, robust farm management solution that drives digital strategy and provides complete visibility of resources, processes and performance on the field

3. mWarehouse: A comprehensive pack house solution that enables farm-to-fork traceability, and compliance

4. SmartSales: A CRM and input channel management solution to forecast and improve sales

5. AcreSquare: A unique farmer application that helps companies interact directly with their farmers, share content, educate them and provide consultation

Currently, the company’s employee size is around 100-150 and is headquartered in Bengaluru.




Website – https://www.quantiphi.com


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Glassdoor Rating – 3.4


Founded in 2013, Quantiphi is headquartered in the United States and has an office in Mumbai. Apart from delivering advanced analytics solutions in Healthcare, Insurance and CPG, Quantiphi also works extensively in Analytics for Media. This included viewership analytics, content feature analysis which revolves around decoding hidden features of video content like emotions, characters and location. AthenasOwl, Quantiphi’s media analytics solution that delivers high definition content meta tags, at scale. Current employee size is more than 500.


Mu Sigma


Website – https://www.mu-sigma.com/

mu sigma

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Glassdoor – 3.4

Founded in 2004, Mu Sigma claims to be world’s largest pure-play in Big Data Analytics with a unicorn status (meaning, a privately held company valued over $1 billion) in the US and the only profitable unicorn in India. They work with more than 140 Fortune 500 and have 3500+ decision scientist worldwide. It is headquartered in the United States and has an office at Bengaluru in India. It was ranked 907 on the 2012 Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest growing companies.


Cartesian Consulting


Website – https://cartesianconsulting.com/


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Glassdoor Rating – 3.3

Founded in 2009, Cartesian consulting is a global analytics firm that specializes in customer, marketing and business analytics. They work across multiple industries like Retail, Finance, eCommerce and many more. Their solutions include Solus, which is a hyper-personalized marketing intelligence system and Kyte, which helps boost the open rate of emails by using AI to craft better subject lines.


Cartesian’s employee size is around 200 and is headquartered in Mumbai.


Analytic Edge


Website – https://www.analytic-edge.com/

analytics edge

Glassdoor Rating – 3


Founded in 2012, they provide technology-enabled analytics solutions in marketing & sales effectiveness.  We integrate technology, industry knowledge and cutting-edge statistical techniques to deliver “fast, cost-efficient and actionable business insights. Their team is filled with individuals having expertise in a plethora of industries like Automobile, Consumer Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Retail and many more. Their analytics solution suite includes Marketing Analytics, Customer Analytics, Sales Analytics, etc. They also provide analytics training to institutions.