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Online Data Science Courses with Dimensionless

Data Science has been hailed as the transformative trend that is set to re-wire the industries and re-invent the ways people do things. Products and applications are being developed in agriculture, healthcare, urban planning, trade, commerce, finance, and the possibilities are growing.

It has been a buzzword for a while now with more people aiming to look ahead for the career opportunities it provides. If you are looking for a career change to data science or you want to build a career in it or you are really passionate about it, then Dimensionless Technologies has some great courses just for you.

Data Science is an umbrella term which is used to describe pretty much everything, from data engineering to data processing to data analysis to machine learning, pattern recognition, and deep learning.

Dimensionless provides online data science training that provides in-depth course coverage, case study based learning, entirely Hands-on driven sessions with personalized attention to every participant. We provide only instructor-led LIVE online training sessions and not classroom training.

You can have a sneak peek into how classes are conducted which will help you make a wiser choice
Demo tutorial: Link

Why Dimensionless Technologies?

Dimensionless Technologies provide instructor-led LIVE online training with hands-on different problems. We do not provide classroom training but we deliver more as compared to what a classroom training could provide you with

Are you skeptical of online training or you feel that online mode is not the best platform to learn? Let us clear your insecurities about online training!

  1. Live and Interactive sessions
    We conduct classes through live sessions and not pre-recorded videos. The interactivity level is similar to classroom training and you get it in the comfort of your home. If you miss any class or didn’t understand some concepts, you can’t go through the class again. However, in online courses, it’s possible to do that. We share the recordings of all our classes after each class with the student. Also, there’s no hassle of long-distance commuting and disrupting your schedule.
  2. Highly Experienced Faculty
    We have very highly experienced faculty with us (IIT`ians) to help you grasp complex concepts and kick-start your career success journey
  3. Up to Data Course content
    Our course content is up to date which involves all the latest technologies and tools. Our course is well equipped for learners to grasp the knowledge required to solve real-world problems through their data analytical skills
  4. Availability of software and computing resource
    Any laptop with 2GB RAM and Windows 7 and above is perfectly fine for this course. All the software used in this course are Freely downloadable from the Internet. The trainers help you set it up in your systems. We also provide access to our Cloud-based online lab where these are already installed.
  5. Industry-Based Projects
    During the training, you will be solving multiple case studies from different domains. Once the LIVE training is done, you will start implementing your learnings on Real Time Datasets. You can work on data from various domains like Retail, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Operations, Telecom, Oil and Gas and many more. You would be working on multiple projects so that you can gain enough content and confidence to enter into the field of Data Science.
  6. Course Completion Certificate
    Yes, we will be issuing a course completion certificate to all individuals who successfully complete the training.
  7. Placement Assistance
    We provide you with real-time industry requirements on a daily basis through our connection in the industry. These requirements generally come through referral channels, hence the probability to get through increases manifold.

Our Courses

Through our 3 well designed coursed, we have covered most of the aspects which data science encompasses and even have gone deeper into other domains like maths and computer science.

Comparison of Dimensionless Tech with Other E-learning platforms for data science

Our unique approach to conducting session sets us apart from other e-learning platforms for data science

data science teaching process

Demo video: Link

Following are the courses available

  1. Data Science using R and Python (Link)
    This is our complete data science course which is specifically designed for all the people looking for a career in the data science. This course requires no pre-requisites and walks learners from basics to depth in every topic.
    This course includes
    1. Descriptive Statistics(Variability, Distributions, Central tendency etc)
    2. Inferential Statistics(Hypothesis Testing, ANOVA, Regression, T-tests etc)
    3. R (functions, libraries, dplyr, apply etc)
    4. Python (Functions, pandas, numpy, sci-kit learn etc)
    5. Machine Learning (Regression, SVM, Naive Bayes, Time Series Forecasting etc)
    6. Tableau
    7. Final Project
  2. Big Data and NLP (Link)
    Data is everywhere and there is a lot of it actually. Big Data gives us the capability to work on this large amount of data. This course is designed for learners who want to understand how data science is applied in the industry over the big data setup. Also, this course will help learners to understand Natural Language Processing and making learners perform analytics when encountered with a lot of textual data
    This course includes
    1. Spark basics and its architecture
    2. Data Manipulation with Spark
    3. Applied Machine Learning with Spark
    4. Text Processing using NLTK
    5. Building Text Classifiers with Machine Learning
    6. Semantic Analysis
  3. Deep Learning (Link)
    Machine Learning has been booming off late. This course is designed for all the people who are looking for machine learning engineer profile. This covers the concept starting from the basics of neural networks to building them to solve different case studies
    This course includes
    1. Understanding Neural networks and Deep Learning
    2. Tuning Deep Neural Networks
    3. Convolutional Neural Networks
    4. Recursive Neural Network

Our Faculty

Himanshu (IIT, Bombay – 10+ years experience in Data Science), A machine-learning practitioner, fascinated by the numerous application of Artificial Intelligence in the day to day life. I enjoy applying my quantitative skills to new large-scale, data-intensive problems. I am an avid learner keen to be the frontrunner in the field of AI.

Kushagra, (IIT Delhi – 8+ years experience in Analytics & data science), has a keen interest in Problem Solving, Deriving insights & Improving the efficiency of processes with new age technologies. Trained 500+ participants in R, Machine Learning, Tableau and Python, Big Data Analytics at Dimensionless Conducted workshops and training on Data Analytics for Corporate and Colleges.

The Final Picture

Our courses have been designed considering the overall growth of the learners in the data science field. We not only cover the data science domain but we have courses for you to learn text mining or production level technologies like Apache Spark. We have  a deep learning course for all the machine learning enthusiasts to extend their knowledge and step into the world of AI

data science venn diagram

From machine learning to Data processing, from multi-domain problems to writing production grade code on Apache Spark, Dimensionless Technologies have covered it all for you!

Visit Dimensionless and enroll now to give your career a kick-start in data science! [LINK]