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Career Transition to Data Science Success Story

Data Science and AI are career choices for everyone who want to be excited about their jobs and learn new things!

Jagrati Valecha


Education: B. Tech Electronics & Communications

Previous Profile

Company: Honeywell Aerospace
Profile: Electronics Engineer
Domain: Aerospace
Experience: 3.4 years

Current Profile

Company: Honeywell Aerospace
Profile: Machine Learning Engineer
Domain: Aerospace

My journey into Data Science

Why Data Science?

I was an Electronics Engineer in Aerospace and I couldn’t see any growth in my domain. The opportunities to learn new things were limited, which lead to no growth and it became less and less exciting to me every day.

I realized I had to switch to software and upgrade my skills as per the demand to stay relevant throughout my career. I spoke with many of my peers, did some research, and found a few career choices viable as per the market right now. Data Science looked like an interesting career choice but I still remember having so many doubts!

Why Dimensionless?

As I was researching, I came across Dimensionless on Google and enrolled for a Demo session. I asked them all the questions and doubts I had about taking up Data Science. I literally bombarded them with questions like…
How difficult is it going to be without having much of programming knowledge?
Is having no previous work-experience okay? And does it count?
How does Data Science fit in my domain (Aerospace)?

They answered all of it with patience and logic. I also had a one-on-one career counselling session with their counsellor.

Then there were other things to consider, like if I can attend the classes regularly, if the fee is viable, if I can get back to studies after such a long break, etc.

So, I went for the Experience and Pay option. Attended the classes for 2 weeks, I liked their methodology, and since I could understand what I was learning, I found myself attending lectures regularly along with my work and without being too stressed. And then, I continued and completed the entire course.

Experience with Dimensionless?

The course structure and methodology is not too stressing. The teaching pace wasn’t too stressing. Doubt-solving was immediate. I could get my doubts solved during the class, in the doubt-solving sessions or even one-on-one with the respective teacher. And trust me, coming from a non-programming background, I had a lot of doubts. Mentors and teachers were always available answering doubts.

Career Transition to Data Science

Resume-building sessions made me understand how to steer my career towards Data Science in Aerospace. When mentors started giving us projects, I got to choose projects from my domain so I could build upon my experience. This helped me get ready for interviews more than anything. Knowing theory is one thing, but the interviewers ask very technical and practical questions.

About only 70% of the course was done when I applied for an internal-switch at my company and got accepted. In fact, I even got a promotion and didn’t have to apply anywhere else.

I went from an Electronics Engineer to Machine Learning Engineer, within just 4 months into the course. With sincere efforts, you too can become a Data Scientist.

Go beyond doubts, ask questions and keep learning.