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Career Transition to Data Science Success Story

Hands-on practice is the key to a good start in Data Science!

-Ashish Anand


Education: BE Electronics & Communications

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Company: Ericsson
Profile: Network Engineer
Domain: Telecom
Company: Ericsson
Profile: Data Science Analyst
Domain: Telecom
Company: Affine Analytics
Designation: Data Science Associate
Profile: Sr. Business Analyst
Domain: Retail

My journey into Data Science

Why Data Science?

In my previous profile, the work was very manual and monotonous, doing the same thing time and again. I was not satisfied with my work. I knew I had to change something. At that time, I was considering Data Science as well as Big Data since these two have the maximum scope and good pay as well. Maths and Stats were always my strong points and I am technically strong too. Considering this, Data Science looked like an exciting journey.

Why Dimensionless?

I tried to learn by myself through other online learning classes. I also took a course through Udemy. The pre-recorded videos were a drag. It was not interactive and I had a lot of doubts. That is when I came across Dimensionless.

Compared to other courses, this one had a detailed syllabus with 200 hours Live and Interactive training. I was sure about joining this course as soon as I attended the Demo. I took a lot of other courses but there was something or the other missing in them. With Dimensionless, I found all of it in one place.

Experience with Dimensionless?

It was exactly as I wanted it, a good mix of theory and practical. The classes were very interactive and teachers were always available for doubt-solving. They also helped me with my additional self-studies. I went to them with topics that were not in the syllabus and still got support. There was ample pre-recorded content as well, that we could refer to after the live classes.

Career Transition to Data Science

I’ll be honest, I didn’t get through any interviews at first. With mentors at Dimensionless, I got feedback on my performance at the interviews. The career mentoring facility helped me understand what I was interested in and which jobs I should be applying to accordingly. The HR guided me about which companies and jobs I need to apply to, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the profiles.

This started giving me confidence. Finally, I got shortlisted for multiple companies, one of them was through Dimensionless. I joined Affine Analytics with almost 70% hike from my previous job. I am thankful to Dimensionless for all of this.

I like my work, I can work for 10 hours straight and not feel stressed.