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Career Transition from
System Engineer to Data Science Success Story

You are judged based on practical knowledge, regardless of past experience.

– Ruchi Saboo


Education: B. Engineering in Computer Science

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Company: Amdocs
Profile: SQL, UNIX Developer
(Ordering and Billing)
Designation: System Engineer
Domain: Telecom
Experience: 2 years
Company: TSystems
Designation: Consultant
Profile: Data Science
Designation: Data Scientist
Domain: Telecom

My journey into Data Science

Why Data Science?

Day by day, the technology is evolving. I didn’t see myself getting the career growth I wanted with the technology I was working on before (SQL/UNIX). As anyone in IT would know, having a job as a System Engineer in SQL/UNIX these days is very mundane. I thought I wouldn’t survive for long. That was the main motivation to keep myself updated with the latest tech.

When it came to choosing the new tech, I found myself being more keen towards Data Science. It’s very interesting and insightful. It called to my intellectual side. It’s like you’re creatively playing with data and getting business results.

Why Dimensionless?

It’s a funny story. When I decided to go with Data Science, I enrolled in a classroom course mainly because I was never comfortable with Online Classes. It was mostly theory and my experience was neutral.
Since I was already working as a System Engineer using SQL, I had the database part covered at my end.

It was only when I started giving interviews, that I realized that their course curriculum and faculty was sub-par. A lot of the interview questions asked were not even covered in the lectures. When I went back to them with these doubts, they said it was out of syllabus.
Then I tried to learn by myself. I checked out some free courses.

In one of my interviews, I met this guy. He was a fellow candidate and he seemed pretty confident. We got to talking and he told me that he did a Data Science specialization course from Dimensionless. He was so satisfied with the course that I could feel his genuineness. Obviously, I got very excited to know more about Dimensionless.

Next thing I did was I spoke to their counsellors and joined in the next batch itself.

Experience with Dimensionless?

TBH, before taking up this course with Dimensionless, I was convinced that I can only learn properly in a physical classroom. I thought physical classrooms provide more support and are more accessible. Now I am much more comfortable in online training. Online or offline, if the teachers are good and doubts are handled, it doesn’t matter. It was so comfortable to attend classes from anywhere.

I knew why that guy in the interview was so happy with Dimensionless. The doubt-solving was quick. Teachers were available on call too. The sessions had a lot of communication and they were interactive overall. The course content was practical and easy to follow too.

Career Transition to Data Science

After completing the course in 5 months, I did some more self-study because I thought why someone would select me over an experienced Data Science professional.  I delayed applying for jobs. Finally, after some moral support from their mentors and mock interviews with Dimensionless HR, I built up the courage to apply for jobs and give interviews. Among other companies, I applied at TSystems, Wipro and Capegemini, and I got selected in all three!!! Imagine my excitement.

When I started giving interviews I realized that interviewers judge you based on knowledge and not past experience.

In Data Science, as well as every other advanced technology, the main thing that matters is practical knowledge.

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