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Jasmeet Singh: In-depth Teaching Methods made Smooth Career Transition from Java Developer to Data Scientist Possible


Education: BE in IT with Honors

: Verizon
Profile: Software Developer
Location: India

Domain: Telematics
Location: Canada

Journey into Data Science:

I was a Java Developer with Verizon back in 2015. Data Science industry had just started booming but I wasn’t sure if a transition was possible after over 2 years in one field. Getting introduced to Dimensionless Techademy changed my view about career transition completely. They helped me understand the possible career paths in my domain. Knowing the scope and possibility of transition gave me the confidence to choose Data Science.

After attending the demo session, it was a fairly simple choice to go with Dimensionless when compared to other courses available. I found their teaching method very practical and interactive. They were very straight-forward and honest since the beginning.

With their teaching, I was able to quickly grasp concepts and implement them in projects. Teachers were always available for doubt-solving throughout the day. I dedicatedly attended the live virtual classes wherever I was. In less than 6 months, I was ready to enter the world of Data Science and there was no looking back.

After the course, I was able to transition to a Data Science role within the company itself. I was promoted to the role of Analyst – System Dev with R programming, Machine Learning, Predictive modeling, Hadoop, and SQL. After gaining some experience in this role, I moved to Canada knowing that there is a huge requirement of Data Scientists here.

Considering the way of teaching, I believe if you are dedicated enough, even with no experience or knowledge of Data Science, you will find it very easy to transition.

Jasmeet Singh testimonial for Dimensionless TechAdemy

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