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A-Z of Analytics

As we move towards a data-driven world, we tend to realize how the power of analytics could unearth the most minute details of our lives. From drawing insights from data to making predictions of some unknown scenarios, both small and large industries are thriving...

Potential Career Opportunities in Big Data

Big Data is the term that is circling everywhere in the field of analytics in the modern era. The rise of this term came about as the result of the enormous volume of unstructured data that is getting generated from a plethora of sources. Such voluminous unstructured...

Principal Component Analysis in R – Walk Through

Principal Component Analysis in R – Walk Through

Understanding Principal Component Analysis is of paramount importance for any aspiring Data Scientist/Analyst. In-depth understanding of PCA helps in the implementation of effective dimensionality reduction and to build the foundation for development and understanding of other advanced and modern techniques.