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TCS iON AI Certification

TCS iON ProCert Certified Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Become a Certified Artificial Intelligence Expert.

TCS iON ProCert – Artificial Intelligence Specialist is a 2-Stage certification to help experienced professionals gain recognition for their Artificial Intelligence proficiency and enhance their industry credibility. This certification is designed by top industry practitioners to evaluate an individual’s expertise in Artificial Intelligence.

Our Curriculum and Teaching Methodology ensure all course participants are prepared to get certified by TCS iON ProCert.



250+ hours LIVE

200 hours Assignments and Case Studies


Weekday – 1.5 hours

Weekends – 7.5 hours


  • Become an AI Expert
    Become an expert in Artificial Intelligence with thorough understanding of Predictive Modeling, Machine Learning & Deep Learning.


  • Get an Edge. Get Recognised.
    Gain recognition, stand out among your peers with enhanced industry credibility and get noticed for career opportunities in Artificial Intelligence with top recruiters.


  • Tools Covered
    Python, Tableau, R, Tensorflow & Keras, SQL.




Placement Assistance & Career Guidance

  • Personalized Career Paths
  • Resume Building Sessions
  • Mock Interviews
  • Job Referrals


  • 3 to 15 years of experience
  • Graduate with 50% throughout academics
  • Can be currently employed with TCS
  • Not have more than 2 years break in career/academics


Online LIVE

Instructor-led online live in-depth sessions


Course completion and TCS iON ProCert certificate after exam

High Interaction

2 way communication via text & speech

Free Trial

Attend demo lectures for free before registering

Industry Projects

Multiple domains specific projects & discussions

Small Batch Size

15-20 students per batch for 1-to-1 interactions

Cloud Based Lab

Cloud-based online lab for hands-on training

Lifetime Access

Access Session Recordings & Case studies on Learning Manangement Portal for Lifetime



Knowledge Prep

Hands-on Practical Learning



Projects and Case Studies


Certification Prep

Acing the TCS iON ProCert AI exam




Data Science

Data Science

Data Science core concepts and Statistics background. Introduction to entire data science pipeline from Data gathering, Data Manipulation, Exploratory Data Analysis, Model Planning, Model Building, Machine Learning algorithms and Data Visualization using tools like Statistics, Python, ML and Tableau.

  • What is Data Science?
  • Statistics
    In this module, participants will be introduced to Descriptive and Inferential statistics concepts and implementation using real-world data will also be covered. It will end with a case study implementation of EDA.
    • Statistics Fundamentals and Implementation
    • Exploratory Data Analysis

Python Programming

Python is a critical tool for Data Science. In this module participants learn Python programming from basic to advanced level using Jupyter notebooks. Here, participants create, subset and manipulate various data structures. Specific libraries like NumPy, Pandas and Matplotlib that are popular for Data Analysis are covered in depth.

  • Essentials of Python Programming
  • Basic Data Structures and Functions in Python
  • Introduction to
    • Numpy Library
    • Pandas Library
    • Matplotlib and Seaborn Library
  • Data Exploration using Statistics

Machine Learning

Machine learning core concepts and problem solving. Machine Learning algorithms are the backbone of Predictive Modelling. This is where the Crux of Data Science lies. The end objective of solving a data science problem is finding the patterns in the data and represent that in the form of a Data model. The algorithms taught in our course cover almost all of the problems data scientists solve on a regular basis.

  • The Machine Learning Landscape
  • Linear & Logistic Regression
  • Regularization
  • Training Models
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Decision Trees
  • Ensemble Learning and Random Forests
  • Dimensionality Reduction
  • Unsupervised Learning Techniques
  • End-to-End Machine Learning Project

R Programming [Recorded]


  • Essentials of R Programming
  • Statistics Implementation in R
  • Exploratory Data Analysis

SQL [Recorded]

Structured query language (SQL) is the language of databases. Whether you run reports or provide a dynamic website, you need to know SQL to add, delete, edit and view records. Databases organize and collect your data, and the SQL language is the liaison between you and the data. This module provides a step-by-step overview and instructions that help you get started with the SQL language.

  • Introduction to SQL
  • Relational Databases
  • Entity Relationship Diagrams and Relational Schemas
  • Retrieve and sort Specific Data
  • Aggregate Functions
  • Joins
  • Sub-queries

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

This Artificial Intelligence online program is created to help students learn Python Programming and its application to Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Text Analytics. This is followed by hands-on experience in solving problems using Deep Learning to get a real-time experience of Data Science projects. Basic knowledge on AI, recent trends in AI with a focus on solution design.

  • Deep Learning Fundamentals
  • Text Analytics
  • Projects

Deep Learning

Deep learning is a branch of Machine Learning algorithms which deals with empowering machine to take decisions like humans using Artificial Neural Network. This in-depth course provides you with all the tools and techniques to get started with deep learning, and how to use neural networks to address some of the common machine learning problems.

  • Learn the basics of Artificial Neural Networks with Keras
  • Start Training Deep Neural Networks
  • Custom Models and Training with TensorFlow
  • Deep Computer Vision Using Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Model Planning, Data Modelling and Model Evaluation using real time case studies

Natural Language Processing

Understanding the various stages of NLP and how to process the text.


  • Text Preprocessing Methods
  • Text Mining
  • Topic Analysis
  • Form Spell Check
  • Search Autocomplete
  • Search Autocorrect
  • Smart Search
  • Machine Translation
  • Messenger Bots
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Voice Text Messaging
  • Spam Filters
  • Customer Service Automation
  • Tokenization
  • Stemming
  • Lemmatization
  • Word Embedding
  • Topic Modeling Algorithms
  • Statistical Modeling Method
  • Probabilistic Models

Chatbots/Conversational Agents

Knowledge on chatbots and conversational agents.


  • Conversational Systems
  • Bot Framework
  • Web UI
  • Enterprise Chatbots
  • Linguistic Structures
  • Innovative Chatbots in the Market
  • Predictive Analysis, Sentiment Analysis
  • User Inputs
  • Chatbot Development Platforms
  • Chatbot Publishing Platforms
  • Chatbot Builders
  • Chatbot Scripts
  • Conversational UI
  • WordClassification Processes

Azure/Google/AWS Analytics

Cloud based AI solutions like AWS, GCP, Azure.

  •  Azure Resource Manager
  • Azure Services
  • Azure Analytics
  • Cloudcast Computing, Google Cloud Platform and Services
  • Hadoop
  • Apache Spark
  • Cloud Data Warehousing
  • Data Visualization
  • AWS, ETL Services
  • Storage Systems
  • Service Models
  • Cloud Architectures for AI and DeepLearning


  • Online Classes [Get the services of best trainers from Anywhere]
  • LIVE instructor-led training throughout the training duration
  • Entirely Hands-On driven session
  • Practical Inputs from real-time scenarios
  • Problems and Case Study driven training
  • Machine Learning algorithms are taught using at least 2 Case Studies for every algorithm


Kushagra, (IIT Delhi – 10+ years experience in Tableau, Analytics & data science), has a keen interest in Problem Solving, Deriving insights & Improving the efficiency of processes with new-age technologies.

He’s good with statistical concepts and possesses thorough business understanding along with practical experience in linear models (like Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Ridge Regression, Lasso Regression).

Tree-based algorithms (like Decision trees, Bagging, Random Forest, GBM, XGBoost), clustering (like K-Means, Hierarchical), Time-series analysis (like ARMA, ARIMA, stationarity), Deep learning(CN, RNN), NLP Techniques(TFIDF, LDA, Topic Modelling) Extensive knowledge of Tools like R, Python, Spark, Tensorflow, Keras, Tableau. Trained 5000+ participants in R, Machine Learning, Tableau and Python, Big Data Analytics at Dimensionless Conducted workshops and training on Data Analytics for Corporate and Colleges

Read More

HIMANSHU (IIT, Bombay – 10+ years experience in Data Science) A machine-learning practitioner, fascinated by the numerous application of Artificial Intelligence in the day to day life.

I enjoy applying my quantitative skills to new large-scale, data-intensive problems.I am an avid learner keen to be the frontrunner in the field of AI. I enjoy learning new technologies at work and strive hard to acquire finesse in skills that I have honed over my career.

Trained 5000+ participants in R, Machine Learning, Tableau and Python, Big Data Analytics and Deep Learning at Dimensionless

Conducted workshops and training on Data Analytics for Corporate and Colleges

He possesses knowledge of a wide variety of machine learning and deep learning algorithms.

Read More

Pranali is a professional Data Science Trainer with more than 15 years of experience in the teaching various training programs on Databases, Programing and Machine Learning.
Her core competency include Databases, Data Science and Big Data. She holds a Masters degree in Computer Engineering from University of Pune.


When will I receive TCS iON ProCert - Artificial Intelligence Certificate?

  • You will receive the TCS iON ProCert – Artificial Intelligence certificate once you register and successfully complete the “TCS iON ProCert – Artificial Intelligence” assessment.

Are there any pre-requisites to learn this course?

  • Yes, the participant should have a working knowledge of Python for Data Science and must have worked on Machine Learning Algorithms.

Why Should I Learn Artificial Intelligence from Dimensionless?

  • Dimensionless Tech provides best online data science training that provides in-depth course coverage, case study based learning, entirely Hands-on driven sessions with Personalised attention for every participant. We guarantee Learning.

What Are The Various Modes Of Training That you Offer?

  • We provide only instructor led LIVE online training sessions. We do not provide classroom trainings.

How is your online training better than other online or classroom training?

  • In physical classrooms, students generally feel hesitant to ask questions. Unlike other online courses,  we allow you to speak in the session and clarify your doubts. The interactivity level is similar to classroom training and you get it in the comfort of your home. If you miss any class or didn’t understand some concepts, you can’t go through the class again. However, in online courses, it’s possible to do that. We share the recordings of all our classes after each class with the student. Also, there’s no hassle of long distance commuting and disrupting your schedule.

Can I ask my doubts during the session?

  • All participants are encouraged to speak up and ask their doubts. We answer all the doubts with the same sincerity.

Where do I get the Softwares from?

  • All the software used in this course are Freely downloadable from the Internet. The trainers help you set it up in your systems. We also provide access to our Cloud-based online lab where these are already installed.

What is the hardware requirement for this course?

  • Any laptop with 2GB RAM and Windows 7 and above is perfectly fine for this course. For large data, the access will be given on the online lab. 

What if I miss a session, due to some unavoidable situation?

  • We understand that while balancing your personal and professional commitments you might miss a session. Hence, all our sessions are recorded and the recordings are shared with you through our Learning Management Portal.

How long will I have access to the Learning Management Portal?

  • You will have lifetime access to the portal and you can view the Videos, Notes, Books, Assignments as many time

What Kind Of Projects Will I Be Working On As Part Of The Training?

  • During the training you will be solving multiple case studies from different domains. Once the LIVE training is done, you will start implementing your learnings on Real Time Datasets.  You can work on data from various domains like Retail, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Operations, Telecom, Oil and Gas and many more. You would be working on multiple projects so that you can gain enough content and confidence to enter into the field of Data Science.

Do You Provide Placement Assistance?

  • Yes, we provide you with real-time industry requirements on a daily basis through our connection in the industry. These requirements generally come through referral channels, hence the probability to get through increases manifold.

    The HR from the team helps you with Resume Building and Interview Preparation as well.

Do I get a Course Completion Certificate?

  • Yes, we will be issuing a course completion certification to all individuals who successfully complete the training.


Fake news refers to propaganda, misinformation which is spread via word of mouth, or mainstream media or social media platform.

The goal is to create a model which characterizes fake news and real news with the help of NLP and deep learning techniques.

In this project, we will compose our own original music without really knowing any instruments or music by using Deep Learning.

You will be provided with existing music data and your task is to make a deep learning model that generates new music.

Image Processing: The dataset given to you contains high-quality photoshopped face images.

Your task is to make a Deep Learning model that detects whether the face is a real face or a fake face that is either photoshopped or created by AI.

Your task is to make a model that answers open-ended questions about images using deep learning techniques.

This project can also be upscaled by adding voice features that can help visually impaired people to get a gist of their surroundings.

Signature authentication is necessary to avoid forgery of documents in various financial, legal, business and in other environments.

The aim of is to develop a signature verification system that detects whether the signature is fraud or genuine.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been spread globally, and the number of cases is rising every day.

In this project, you have been given world-wide dataset of coronavirus and you have to perform EDA, data analysis and data visualization techniques.

In this project you have to analyze the Uber dataset and try to find the hidden relationships among time, date, categories, miles, purpose of the drive, start and end location.
After generating insights, use the data to predict the “travel miles”.

The goal is to analyse the Zomato Bengaluru dataset to get an understanding of the factors that affect the restaurants in Bengaluru.

Then you have to predict the “Zomato rate” of the restaurants and perform a sentiment analysis on customer reviews.

Sentiment analysis measures the attitude and belief of the customer towards the service or product.

Your task is to make a sentiment analysis model that takes the review of a customer and returns whether the review is positive or negative.

Accurate forecasting of increasing coronavirus is important. It will help the medical institutions and government to plan their strategies accordingly.

Your task is to forecast the cumulative number of confirmed COVID-19 cases across the world.

The task here is to incorporate all the various components of football players and display them in a single environment using clustering, so that users can select their players of interest by one click instead of selecting the features manually.

Airline companies use techniques to systematically allocate airfare prices. The task given here is to accurately predict the price.

This will help the passengers to decide a specific airline as per their budget and save their time and money.

When we order food, questions such as ‘Where is my food?’ or ‘When will my food arrive?’ often emerges in our minds.

In this project, you will be given data of thousands of restaurants in India and your task is to predict the food delivery time.

Food quality needs to be assessed from time to time. Your task is to make a ML model that predicts whether a specific facility will pass or fail the food quality assessment, by using the dataset which was collected by the food inspection department.

Recommendation system broadly recommends products to customers best suited to their tastes and traits.

Your task in the project is to predict and recommend a few hotels to a user that he/she is more likely to book out of thousands of hotels available.

Sales Forecasting tells the future sales based on the current and past sales data.

You are given historical sales data of 45 Walmart stores located in different regions and your task is to predict the weekly sales for each department of every store.


MNIST Digit Recognition

MNIST digit is a dataset of 60,000 small square 28×28 pixel.It is classified into the 10 classes using the ANN.

Fashion MNIST

Fashion-MNIST dataset consists of the images of fashion articles that are classified into their classes.

Movie Reviews Sentiment Analysis

Analyse a dataset of 25,000 movies reviews from the website IMDB, labeled by sentiment (positive or negative).

Image Recognition on CIFAR-10

The CIFAR-10 dataset consists of 60000 32×32 colour images.The dataset is used for computer vision algorithms.

Image Classification on Flowers Dataset

CNN is used to classify the flower images in respective class: daisy, tulip, rose, sunflower and dandelion.

Cats and Dogs classification

The task is to classify cats and dogs with the help of CNN from 50000 images data set of cats and dogs.

Cards Recognition and Detection

The dataset consists of different images from a deck. Goal is to identify the card and detect the image.

Movie Recommendation

Analysis is to be done to answer different questions about the recommendation of the movies from MovieLens data.

Real Estate Price Prediction

Predict the price of homes from a housing dataset with explanatory variables describing homes in Ames.

Start-up Success Rate and Investment Analysis

Data analysis can be carried out to identify factors that contribute towards the success of a start-up.

Insurance Premium Analysis

The Health Insurance company’s data need to be analyzed to identify factors that lead to less medical charges.

Consumer Goods Sales Forecast

Sales analytics is the process used to identify model, understand and predict sales trends and results.

Automobile Price Analysis

Automobile data involved analyzing factors that affect the price of automobile by using various information.

App Market Analysis

Insights can be drawn for developers to work on and capture the Android market by Play store app data.

Analysing Flight Operations

Various data manipulation operations can be performed to get insights about the flights schedule, status, etc.

California Housing Price

Aim of the project is to predict the housing prices for a district from the 1990 California Census dataset.

Health Care Quality Assessment

Dataset consists of the claims data for the insured patients to predict the quality of healthcare received.

Baseball Players

The task is to predict the salary of baseball players playing in major leagues from the StatLib Dataset.

Heart Disease

The aim is to identify trends in heart data to predict cardiovascular events that can lead to heart disease.

Movies Recommendation

The aim is to build a movie recommendation system based on genres. The data used is gathered from MovieLens.

Automobile Sales classification

The project is to predicts monthly sales of the Hyundai Elantra in the United States from the given dataset.

Framingham Heart Study

The data of Framingham Heart Study is a cardiovascular cohort study used to predict and prevent heart disease.

Mall Customer Segmentation

The Mall Customers data set have information of customer that can be used to carry out customer segmentation.

Credit Risk Modelling

The task is to identify if a person will be able to pay/default the loan amount from the loan dataset.


Google Reviews

Suresh Kumar
Suresh Kumar
06:00 10 Dec 19
It was an awesome experience while learning data science and machine learning concepts from dimensionless. The course contents are very good and covers all the requirements for a data science course. All the trainers are excellent, I would personally thanks to Kush for his demonstration are excellent and pays personal attention to everyone in the session. thanks a lot !!
Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar
14:57 06 Dec 19
I have joined for Data Science... Trainers are really excellent and they have covered all the necessary topics and explained with best examples... I would recommend Dimensionless to anyone who is looking for a detailed study in the field of data science.
Lokesh Ps
Lokesh Ps
12:59 22 Oct 19
Dimensionless team has provided great support throughout the training. They clarify each and every doubt with simple real time examples. it was great learning experience to Me. HR has provided great support in reviewing the Resume and referral channel is helping a lot in getting placed.
Ankit Chambiyal
Ankit Chambiyal
12:02 09 Oct 19
Great experience. I had enrolled myself in Data Science using R & Python course. The course was detailed and good deal of consideration was given to concerns and queries. Appropriate time was spent on aspects around using R, Python, Data Science concepts and Machine Learning concepts.
Bhakti Kanungo
Bhakti Kanungo
07:58 08 Oct 19
My experience with the data science course at Dimensionless has been extremely positive. The course was effectively structured . The instructors were passionate and attentive to all students at every live sessions. I could balance the missed live sessions with recorded ones. I have greatly enjoyed the class and would highly recommend it to my friends and peers.
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Himanshu Choudhary
Himanshu Choudhary
Well Experienced instructors. Must say they helped through the course alot Great Headstart in the world of Data Science... and AIread more
Ritika Khandelwal
Ritika Khandelwal
Dimensionless is great place for you to begin exploring Data science under the guidance of experts. Both Himanshu and... Kushagra sir are excellent teachers as well as mentors,always available to help students and so are the HR and the faulty.Apart from the class timings as well, they have always made time to help and coach with any queries.I thank Dimensionless for helping me get a good starting point in Data science.read more
Rupal Gupta
Rupal Gupta
My experience with the data science course at Dimensionless has been extremely positive. The course was effectively... structured . The instructors were passionate and attentive to all students at every live sessions. I could balance the missed live sessions with recorded ones. I have greatly enjoyed the class and would highly recommend it to my friends and peers. Special thanks to the entire team for all the personal attention they provide to query of each and every student.read more
Durgesh Tiwari
Durgesh Tiwari
It has been a great experience with Dimensionless . Especially from the support team , once you get enrolled , you... don't need to worry about anything , they keep updating each and everything. Teaching staffs are very supportive , even you don't know any thing you can ask without any hesitation and they are always ready to guide . Definitely it is a very good place to boost careerread more
Jasminder Singh
Jasminder Singh
The training experience has been really good! Specially the support after training!! HR team is really good. They keep... you posted on all the openings regularly since the time you join the course!! Overall a good experience!!read more
Gandharv Sikri
Gandharv Sikri
Dimensionless has a great teaching staff right from himanshu , Kush , pranali , kedar. All are very good in imparting... knowledge and teaching complex techniques in simpler manner right from scratch. Also they have good placement assistance (Venu) who guide you throughout in job search process. I highly recommend dimensionless for all aspiring data science folks.read more
Akash Lamba
Akash Lamba
Dimensionless is the place where you can become a hero from zero in Data Science Field. I really would recommend to all... my fellow mates. The timings are proper, the teaching is awsome,the teachers are well my mentors now. All inclusive I would say that Kush Sir, Himanshu sir and Pranali Mam are the real backbones of Data Science Course who could teach you so well that even a person from non- Math background can learn it. The course material is the bonus of this course and also you will be getting the recordings of every session. I learnt a lot about data science and Now I find it easy because of these wonderful faculty who taught me. Also you will get the good placement assistance as well as resume bulding guidance from Venu Mam. I am glad that I joined dimensionless and also looking forward to start my journey in data science field. I want to thank Dimensionless because of their hard work and Presence it made it easy for me to restart my career. Thank you so much to all the Teachers in Dimensionless !read more
Harshal Marathe
Harshal Marathe
Dimensionless has great teaching staff they not only cover each and every topic but makes sure that every student gets... the topic crystal clear. They never hesitate to repeat same topic and if someone is still confused on it then special doubt clearing sessions are organised. HR is constantly busy sending us new openings in multiple companies from fresher to Experienced. I would really thank all the dimensionless team for showing such support and consistency in every thing.read more
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh
The best part of dimensionless is the Faculties ( Himanshu and Kush) and their dedication towards their profession. I... personally thank you guys for showing me the right course as per my work experience because I clearly remember that you had well explained me why should i go for data science instead of going for BIG data. Important point is , khush and Himanshu is not doing business they are doing their passion. I salute you guys. you guys have great knowledge, excellent teaching style. your explained examples during the classes are real , I mean anyone can easily understand. Important part is, you use to take classes on time and complete the whole content without delay,which i think very few institutes are doing. Venu... she is very supportive for profile building and always keep me posted for new hiring. I recommend all people out there who want to build their carrier in data science , please come to Dimensionless and be previledged as I am.read more
Mandar Hanchate
Mandar Hanchate
I wanted to make my career in data science but I didn't know how to proceed for that so I started searching training... institute. After searching so many institute I came to know that those institute are taking lots of money which I will not able to afford so I was disappointed but God's grace I saw one article regarding data science in Google crome news tab and that article was so easy to understand hence this article attracted me and from this article I came to know about dimensionless technology which gives you training on data science in less money as compare to other institutes. The content of this course (my courses was data science with R and Python) covers all important aspects of data science. All contect and required software will be given by this institute only . About trainers, they are IITians and have more than 10 years of experience in data science field so you can imagine how skilful and professional they will be. They will clear your all doubts in lecture or over phone (unless they are busy) . Apart from trainers, other faculties are also very helpful to solve your other doubts regarding process of your course . So I will highly recommend to join this institute if you want to make career in data science.read more
Shree Krishna Mishra
Shree Krishna Mishra
I had great learning experience with Dimensionless. I am suggesting Dimensionless because of its great mentors... specially Kushagra and Himanshu. they don't move to next topic without clearing the concept.read more
Jagdish Mishra
Jagdish Mishra
Dimensionless Machine learning with R and Python course is good course for learning for experience professionals.
Priyanka Gupta
Priyanka Gupta
My experience with Dimensionless has been very good. All the topics are very well taught and in-depth concepts are... covered. The best thing is that you can resolve your doubts quickly as its a live one on one teaching. The trainers are very friendly and make sure everyone's doubts are cleared. In fact, they have always happily helped me with my issues even though my course is completed.read more
Anubhav Agarwal
Anubhav Agarwal
Dimensionless is good for beginners as it provide live interactive sessions also recording of those videos.....!... Trainers are experienced.read more
Maulik J Patel
Maulik J Patel
I would highly recommend dimensionless as course design & coaches start from basics and provide you with a real-life... case study. Most important is efforts by all trainers to resolve every doubts and support helps make difficult topics easy..read more
Kaustubh Powar
Kaustubh Powar
Dimensionless is great platform to kick start your Data Science Studies. Even if you are not having programming skills... you will able to learn all the required skills in this class.All the faculties are well experienced which helped me alot. I would like to thanks Himanshu, Pranali , Kush for your great support. Thanks to Venu as well for sharing videos on timely basis...😊 Regards... Kaustubhread more
Avneet Arora
Avneet Arora
I highly recommend dimensionless for data science training and I have also been completed my training in data science... with dimensionless. Dimensionless trainer have very good, highly skilled and excellent approach. I will convey all the best for their good work. Regards Avneetread more
Amit Arora
Amit Arora
I really have great time learning @ Dimensionless. I were new to Data Science but the course is designed in such a way... that I never felt as fresher.Also it corelates the way industry uses it.read more
Jayakrushna Das
Jayakrushna Das
After a thinking a lot finally I joined here in Dimensionless for DataScience course. The instructors are experienced &... friendly in nature. They listen patiently & care for each & every students's doubts & clarify those with day-to-day life examples. The course contents are good & the presentation skills are commendable. From a student's perspective they do not leave any concept untouched. The step by step approach of presenting is making a difficult concept easier. Both Himanshu & Kush are masters of presenting tough concepts as easy as possible. I would like to thank all instructors: Himanshu, Kush & Pranali.read more
Kiran Achanta
Kiran Achanta
When I start thinking about to learn Data Science, I was trying to find a course which can me a solid understanding of... Statistics and the Math behind ML algorithms. Then I have come across Dimensionless, I had a demo and went through all my Q&A, course curriculum and it has given me enough confidence to get started. I have been taught statistics by Kush and ML from Himanshu, I can confidently say the kind of stuff they deliver is In depth and with ease of understanding!read more
Kumar Gaurav
Kumar Gaurav
If you love playing with data & looking for a career change in Data science field ,then Dimensionless is the best... platform . It was a wonderful learning experience at dimensionless. The course contents are very well structured which covers from very basics to hardcore . Sessions are very interactive & every doubts were taken care of. Both the instructors Himanshu & kushagra are highly skilled, experienced,very patient & tries to explain the underlying concept in depth with n number of examples. Solving a number of case studies from different domains provides hands-on experience & will boost your confidence. Last but not the least HR staff (Venu) is very supportive & also helps in building your CV according to prior experience and industry requirements. I would love to be back here whenever i need any training in Data science further.read more
Rajesh Raj
Rajesh Raj
It was great learning experience with statistical machine learning using R and python. I had taken courses from... Coursera in past but attention to details on each concept along with hands on during live meeting no one can beat the dimensionless team.read more
Deepak Singla
Deepak Singla
I would say power packed content on Data Science through R and Python. If you aspire to indulge in these newer... technologies, you have come at right place. The faculties have real life industry experience, IIT grads, uses new technologies to give you classroom like experience. The whole team is highly motivated and they go extra mile to make your journey easier. I’m glad that I was introduced to this team one of my friends and I further highly recommend to all the aspiring Data Scientists.read more
Prince Upadhyay
Prince Upadhyay
had a great experience with dimensionless.i have joined data science with r and python. all contents are covered.
Sathya Krishna
Sathya Krishna
Provides good knowledge and focuses more on Hands on Experience..
Vineeth Reddy
Vineeth Reddy
I had no prior knowledge about coding , data science and I didn't find any difficulty learning R, stats ,Machine... learning in this course. It is because of the course structure and the trainers who gave equal importance to both practical and conceptual knowledge.read more
Jitendra Yadav
Jitendra Yadav
It was an awesome experience while learning data science and machine learning concepts from dimensionless. The course... contents are very good and covers all the requirements for a data science course. Both the trainers Himanshu and Kushagra are excellent and pays personal attention to everyone in the session. thanks alot !!read more
Babu Pemmada
Babu Pemmada
One of the best experience I had in this institute. specially Kush and Himanshu they taught everything with basics and... gave an idea on R and Python. Explanation, examples,case studies etc; is really excellent. With less money more knowledge we get in Dimensionless. Last but least HR(Venu) Support is Excellent friendly and never hesitate to reply in late nights also.read more
Gunjeett Singh
Gunjeett Singh
Had a great experience with dimensionless.!! I attended the Data science with R course, and to my finding this course... is very well structured and covers all concepts and theories that form the base to step into a data science career. Infact better than most of the MOOCs. Excellent and dedicated faculties to guide you through the course and answer all your queries, and providing individual attention as much as possible.(which is really good). Also weekly assignments and its discussion helps a lot in understanding the concepts. Overall a great place to seek guidance and embark your journey towards data science.read more
Rahul Wankhade
Rahul Wankhade
I would say, if you have the passion for learning then Team dimensionsless has passion for teaching. I got all the... support from Kush & Himanshu throughout the machine learning course & clarification of doubts. Also Venu from HR team is very helpful, supportive, provide constant updation regarding new opportunities in Analytics industry. I strongly recommend Team Dimensionsless for someone who wants to make career in Analytics.read more
Ajit Singh
Ajit Singh
Excellent study material and tutorials. The tutors knowledge of subjects are exceptional. The most effective part of... curriculum was impressive teaching style especially that of Himanshu. I would like to extend my thanks to Venu, who is very responsible in her jobread more
Sowmya Kartik
Sowmya Kartik
It was a great experience to undergo the Data Science course from Dimensionless. Course instructors Kush and Himanshu... were highly knowledgeable, patient, punctual and handled the class very well in terms of making it simpler,interactive,keeping it interesting, and responding to all the queries. They have adopted the learn by doing method which would help students to understand concepts practically. The examples, training materials, assignments, case studies, recorded sessions are top notch. Moreover based on our preferred location , dedicated placement assistance is provided by support staff Venu. I would definitely recommend this course to any data science enthusiast.read more
Akshay Bidkar
Akshay Bidkar
Online classes at my comfort zone was little doubtful, until I join dimensionless tech for data Science.Both the... mentors Himanshu and Lush are really very dedicated teachers. Even the simple query was sorted out with utter importance and every student got personal attention. HR was also very cooperative and helped us out for resume updation and job postings etc. Overall a good learning experience.read more
Yeshwanth Ram
Yeshwanth Ram
It was a very good experience learning Data Science with Dimensionless. The classes were very interactive and every... query/doubts of students were taken care of. Course structure had been framed in a very structured manner. Both the trainers possess in-depth knowledge of data science dimain with excellent teaching skills. The case studies given are from different domains so that we get all round exposure to use analytics in various fields. One of the best thing was other support(HR) staff available 24/7 to listen and help.I recommend data Science course from Dimensionless.read more
Prabhakar Kumar
Prabhakar Kumar
I was a part of 'Data Science using R' course. Overall experience was great and concepts of Machine Learning with R... were covered beautifully. The style of teaching of Himanshu and Kush was quite good and all topics were generally explained by giving some real world examples. The assignments and case studies were challenging and will give you exposure to the type of projects that Analytics companies actually work upon. Overall experience has been great and I would like to thank the entire Dimensionless team for helping me throughout this course. Best wishes for the future.read more
Megha Kansal
Megha Kansal
It was a great experience leaning data Science with Dimensionless .Online and interactive classes makes it easy to... learn inspite of busy schedule. Faculty were truly remarkable and support services to adhere queries and concerns were also very quick. Himanshu and Kush have tremendous knowledge of data science and have excellent teaching skills and are problem solving..Help in interviews preparations and Resume building...Overall a great learning platform. HR is excellent and very interactive. Everytime available over phone call, whatsapp, mails... Shares lots of job opportunities on the daily bases... guidance on resume building, interviews, jobs, companies!!!! They are just excellent!!!!! I would recommend everyone to learn Data science from Dimensionless only 😊read more
Tushar Raman
Tushar Raman
Demensionless make learning interesting by explaining the concepts well with the practical implementation... simultaneously. Himanshu and Kush both pay full attention to every student in the class and patiently clear each and every doubts of all the students in the class as well as after class on calling them. Overall they are very knowledgeable and also very flexible. They allow you to attend different class if you want to expedite you learning or missed any class. Also, the hr (Venu) is very supportive and helps in building profile considering your previous experience as well.read more
Jagdish Ahuja
Jagdish Ahuja
Excellent teaching techniques..... Both of them have a very unique and great grip of the subject ....
Saurabh Kandhvey
Saurabh Kandhvey
Nice people in terms of technical exposure .....very friendly and supportive. A place to start your Data Science... learning.read more
Ashwani Pandey
Ashwani Pandey
An awesome place to learn. Complete package of theritocal and practical knowledge.
Firdous Mohammed
Firdous Mohammed
Vikash Kumar Prakash
Vikash Kumar Prakash
I am very glad to be part of Dimensionless.These guys defined a new way of learning. Beauty is that they dwell through... concepts by questioning. It will make any learner to be very interactive and concentrate on the sessions. They give you a lot of examples for better understanding . They are passionate about giving great knowledge to all the people who are associated with Dimensionless. Dimensionless Trainers can give you ‘N’ number of examples to explain each and every small topic. Wish you guys grow Dimensionless in all areas . All the bestread more
Bhanu Pratap Singh
Bhanu Pratap Singh
I was eager to learn Data Science and one day I got call from Dimensionless team... and then the excellent learning... experience starts. These guys have in depth knowledge of Data Science and they use best teaching techniques. Lets start learning with Dimensionless Team.read more
Ashwini Ningdalli
Ashwini Ningdalli
Saroja Gundiga
Saroja Gundiga
I am very glad to be part of Dimensionless .Their dedication, in-depth knowledge, teaching and the way they explain to... clarify doubts is tremendous . I recommend this to everyone who wish to build their career in Data Science With whole heartedly I wish them for their success & future prospectsread more
Abhijit Bhowmick
Abhijit Bhowmick
Anu Bahl
Anu Bahl
Raghuram Devulapalli
Raghuram Devulapalli
These guys defined a new way of learning. Beauty is that they dwell through concepts by questioning. It will make any... learner to be very interactive and concentrate on the sessions. They give you a lot of examples for better understanding . They are passionate about giving great knowledge to all the people who are associated with Dimensionless. Unlike any other trainers they always focus on enhancing the knowledge of any learner. The training material which they have prepared itself shows their passion . I am very fortunate to be a part of Dimensionless . Wish you guys grow Dimensionless in all areas . All the bestread more
Ashish Mohan Sharma
Ashish Mohan Sharma
Being a part of IT industry for nearly 10 years, I have come across many trainings, organized internally or externally,... but I never had the trainers like Dimensionless has provided. Their pure dedication and diligence really hard to find. The kind of knowledge they possess is imperative. Sometimes trainers do have knowledge but they lack in explaining them. Dimensionless Trainers can give you ‘N’ number of examples to explain each and every small topic, which shows their amazing teaching skills and In-Depth knowledge of the subject. Himanshu and Kush provides you the personal touch whenever you need. They always listen to your problems and try to resolve them devotionally. I am glad to be a part of Dimensionless and will always come back whenever I need any specific training in Data Science. I recommend this to everyone who is looking for Data Science career as an alternative. All the best guys, wish you all the success!!read more
Venu Chinchkhede
Venu Chinchkhede
Data science can definitely add value across all industries in any sector by Decision making with quantifiable,... data-driven evidence and testing them accurately. Dimensionless Technology is the first step to learn Data Science at your comfort and time and become expert in Decision making adding value to your position and personality. Quality learning at its best.read more
Ashwini Sangavi
Ashwini Sangavi
Prashant Sharma
Prashant Sharma
Pinto Kumar
Pinto Kumar
Amey Kulkarni
Amey Kulkarni
Himanshu Arora
Himanshu Arora
Simran J Sahni
Simran J Sahni
Kamal Kumar
Kamal Kumar
Nice start up with the intelligent minds , to train the individuals to grow in their career. All the best...keep it up
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Farheen Siddiqui

Business Analyst, Chennai Branch, Fortune India 500 Company

I joined this training curriculum to have a transition in my career. What they say is exactly what they do. Highly knowledgeable and supporting faculties. The HR support informs us about the job openings from time to time. Apart from teaching they conduct webinars from experienced data scientists.

Avinash Vasista

Senior Consultant, Hirepro Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Dimensionless – Knowledge Encyclopedia

Dimensionless has helped me to lay a strong and deep pillar for my Data Science Career, their teaching methodology on their online platform is very effective, interactive & flexible. It is a privilege to learn the concepts from industry experts. Kudos to all teaching and non-teaching staff for the great ongoing learning experience across Python, ML, R & Tableau.

Eshan Kaul

Associate VP, Corporate & Investment Banking, JP Morgan Chase

It’s an almost impossible task to take everyone along when the class mix is so diverse. But the trainers would spend the first 5-10 minutes of each session on clearing ANY doubts or any questions, anyone would have. The trainers were also judicious to push some questions towards the end of the session when more time would be needed to address a certain query.

Ruchika Patro

Sr. Software Engineer, United Health Group

I joined a data science course in October ’18. Here the instructors teach so patiently and start all topics from the basics. The topics covered are purely fit for the industry. I got a good understanding of all topics after going through this course and I am now well fit for attending any interviews.

Thanks, Dimensionless for this course with this price.